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What Bajaj changed to become the largest makers of two wheelers in India?

If you have been following the Indian two wheeler market, you would see the distinct difference that Bajaj has brought over. There has been a wave of change over the last few years and that is precisely the strategy that Bajaj wanted to use. The entry of Bajaj into different segments is the biggest differentiator that the two wheeler segment has seen. It has brought out a completely different wave to the way we see or purchase bikes. Two wheelers in India used to be split across just a few segments just a few years ago. It was seen as daily commute and an expensive ride at the far end of the budgeting channel. This seems to be a thing of the past.

With massive expansion plans coming to play, Bajaj has become one of the biggest players in the Indian automobile space. There are many bikes that are segmented in the same region as many of Bajaj bikes but cannot come close when looked at comparisons. The entire need is based on quality today and that driven it towards producing wonderful vehicles. Look at the sustenance of the Bajaj Pulsar over the years. It has become one of the most popular vehicles of our time by a fair distance and that is only based on quality and delivery. Not many two wheeler manufacturer India have been able to crack that detail as well as this. If there has been a bike that has changed the way the two wheeler market functions, it would have to be the Bajaj Pulsar.

Being produced in so many different format and categories, it has entered into a space of its own. Spread across different engine formats - 150cc, 180cc, 200cc, 220cc, this has become a strong name with different classes. The same goes with the styling and the design department too. The classic design of the Pulsar was the initial push that maintained it across years to come. The bike was accepted as a cult design and was an instant hit. The revamped designs with the NS and AS were taken with equal liking too. If there was ever a comparison of two wheelers in India, there would always be a Bajaj Pulsar edition bike on that list.